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You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong.

— Warren Buffet


“Relentless Personal Improvement!”

Luc Boivin’s relentless desire for personal improvement is something that I’ve watched for close to ten years. My perspective comes from years of experience in leading organizations both public and private in the consumer products industries around the world.  His growth and ability to proactively manage risk comes from what I believe to be a deep understanding of the consequences from exposure to risk. Combine this insight along with a passion for service and it makes him a highly qualified leader.  As someone who understands the unique nature of serving very successful people, I have also introduced Luc to many, and he has always exceeded the toughest expectations. 

Mr. Jeffrey Hopmayer; Global Sales & Marketing Expert

“Great Service To Discerning Clientele!”

I have known Luc Boivin for close to 5 years and can attest to his can do spirit and strong work ethic.  Luc is a consummate businessman who has studied the concierge style security service and has sought out training to improve his ability to deliver great service to discerning clientele.  I am a retired Chief Deputy US Marshal whose function was to supervise a tactical response team and provide security for medical critical infrastructure and personnel to our nation's emergency medical countermeasures response to terrorist attacks and natural disaster events.  I spent 12 years building cross-functional teams across multiple jurisdictions and agencies.  I have seen Luc's ability to laser focus on planning and solving problems at hand to exceed even his own expectations.  

Mr. William Presson; Award Winning Career Within The US Marshals Service

“A Leader Understanding Client Objectives!”

Almost 14 years ago, I left my former law firm to join Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC, as a partner because of its core principles- Law, Life, Passion.  I have known Luc Boivin for over 8 years and have maintained a very close friendship with him during this time and can attest that he possesses the same characteristics I embody and more.  I have watched him grow into a leader who understands his client's objectives and focuses on building creative and strategic solutions.   I have recommended his service to a few of my friends who also gave him rave reviews.  I know him to be intelligent, articulate, and dedicated while also being good-natured and tough possessing the charm, wit, and grace needed to provide the security services you need.  

Mr. James Crumlin; Vanderbilt University Alum, Attorney, IRONMAN Finisher (140.6) 

“Resolving Conflicts With Resilience!”

For the last 10+ years, I have worked with Luc Boivin as his mental conditioning coach to see the end goals he profoundly desires to achieve.  Through diligence, Luc has grasped the keys necessary to overcome personal and professional obstacles and fulfill his vision at a high level.  He has demonstrated trusting the learned process.  His resilience achievement continues to raise his belief in his personal leadership in resolving personal and professional conflicts peacefully through the art of advanced negotiation.  Thank you for recognizing the amazing gift that Luc is to the world. 

Mrs. Polly Humphreys, MPC; Mental Performance Coach 

“A Tremendous Asset To You!”

Luc Boivin is infectious in his attitude and enthusiasm and is constantly moving forward no matter what is thrown at him.  During the summer of 2015, my company hosted the first USA qualifying tournament of the Cigar Smoking World Championships in Nashville, TN at King Jewelers. We had guests visiting from 15 countries and, as the reigning world champion, it was important that everyone be well taken care of in my home town. The Founder of the CSWC from Split, Croatia is an avid firearms enthusiast and so I introduced him to Luc. Luc organized a private, tactical shooting event creating a memorable experience for this man and the others that joined.  Luc is someone I trust and I know his leadership will be a tremendous asset to you.  

Mr. Darren Cioffi; International Cigar & Antiquities Expert

“A Highly Creative Problem Solver!”

I am writing this recommendation for Luc Boivin after watching him for more than 15 years. During my public relations career, including my current position as spokesman for a Fortune 100 healthcare company, I have worked closely with a number of C-suite executives, and Luc shares many of the qualities I’ve observed in these leaders.  In short, Luc is a highly creative problem solver who is passionate about serving people and helping organizations achieve their goals. He brings a wealth of energy and a can-do attitude to every project entrusted to him.  What you’re getting with Luc is someone who is mission minded, and is wired to nurture people to their fullest potential. 

Mr. Ed Fishbough; Public Relations Expert 

“Trusted To Care For My Special McLaren Guests in Split, Croatia!”

I met Mr. Luc Boivin during my visit to the USA, where Nashville was organized as our first qualifying tournament of the Cigar Smoking World Championship. During the event weekend he provided high level security for myself and all guests who came from more than 15 countries. His professional approach combined with great social skills, and warm service made not only for a pleasant feeling of security, but also enthusiasm and kindness.  Since this chance meeting of a strong bond being formed, Luc has also provided high level security for my event in Split, Croatia hosting very special guests from the McLaren Supercar corporation.  The owners of the cars were very impressed with his attention to details in the protection of their assets.  

Mr. Marko Bilić; Founder Cigar Smoking World Championships

“Motivated & Responsible With A High Degree Of Integrity!”

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mr. Luc Boivin to you.  I have had the pleasure of witnessing Luc's professional development over the past five years, and I can state with confidence that he is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity.  As such, I expect that he will be a very positive addition to your family or organization.  Luc takes the initiative to identify problems and devise service based solutions while communicating with confidence.  He has shown me that he not only has the ability to motivate himself consistently, but also with teammates by his purposeful actions deployed with intention.  

Mr. Timothy Brinkmann; Wine & Spirits Industry Expert