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All Shamrock Property Managers must pass a criminal background check

Hi, I’m Luc Boivin and for the last 75 years my family has served in a property management capacity. My Grandfather began his property management journey after World War II and built a great reputation on delivering wow service. Being fed up with mediocre opportunities, and regularly telling my wife that we don’t have enough money, I set out for a new way to gain customers.

My goal was to not only keep our existing customers happy, but to increase our business revenue, create higher profitability, and get my family in a better position by pushing away from excessive business competition. As the owner of a small business, I understand the pain of dealing with employee turnover and feeling at times like you need to sell the company and start over. Whether you feel that your prices are too low, that your business is growing obsolete, or that you just lost your biggest client accounting for 50% of your revenues, I have a solution for you and it won’t cost you a dime. 

Did you know that there are a small handful of companies who own over 175,000 quality single family rental homes in the US?  I’ve aligned my company “Will Do Home Services” with Shamrock Property Management who services these homes through a network of high quality vendors like yourself. The business culture of Shamrock is based on solid core values like integrity and dependability, and offers their vendors a strong financial foundation.  If you feel like no one knows who you are in a very loud social media world, you’re not getting any foot traffic into your sales department, or the construction bidding process is killing you, there is a much easier way if you deliver great service.


By simply registering your company with Shamrock at no cost, and making a commitment to service excellence, you will receive a weekly flow of new project service opportunities averaging between $500 and $1000 each…steady quick turn cash can breathe new life into your business so it’s important to consider this opportunity. Whether you hate the thought of processing payroll, or accepting that you don’t have enough money to pay estimated income taxes for the quarter, Shamrock change the course of your business like it has mine. 

Shamrock can provide you with a steady flow of projects, that if executed well has the capabilities of increasing your revenue by $15,000 per month. It may not require hiring new people but it will absolutely take you out of the mindset of having a bunch of receivables and not knowing where the checks are. The fastest way to grow with Shamrock is to deliver a wow experience every time so when tenants are surveyed they leave your company great reviews.

Honoring your word, over-delivering, and doing quality work are three of the fastest way to get more work orders and put your company into a different cash flow position. If you’ve lost your best employee to another company because the career path in your company is nonexistent, then create a higher level of certainty for your staff.  Instead of swinging for the fences and facing the loss of that big business sale, focus on the core metrics of your business including relentlessly executing on top priorities, cash flow, and recurring sales.

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If your sales are down 30% from last year, or you’re fearing laying off 20% of your workforce thinking bankruptcy may be in your future, give Shamrock a serious consideration.  By allocating a certain portion of your workforce to handle new job work orders that come in, you’ll be able to go from a mindset of needing new business cards, or gaining new word-of-mouth leads, to simply doing more business.

Every business owner has wondered how to get better prospects and close more sales. Making more money is simply attainable by making a few small changes in what you expect from your business. Never having to worry about making payroll again, being stressed to get projects done on time, not knowing how to organically grow or feeling like you are doing too many things and getting nowhere, can end once and for all.

 Shamrock operates as an agency providing high-quality income opportunities for construction trade vendors. Their top choice of vendors are military veterans who understand mission mindedness and deliver a great final product. If you weren’t in the military but adhere to a code of ethics that set you apart then they want you! Activation as a vendor is straightforward as in any construction relationship.

Whether you have an LLC or operate under another structure is less important than having Workman’s Compensation or an exemption policy, $1 million in liability insurance, and three references that will speak to the quality of who you are as a trusted vendor. Payment is very simple as well. Let’s say you do a few jobs from Thursday to Wednesday, that Friday the company runs an invoice report and checks are mailed out. 

It’s important that you set an expectation of receiving the check in a guaranteed 14 days in most scenarios.  If you need cash faster, Shamrock works with a factoring company that charges 1%. They set that relationship up to make sure that your financial needs are met.   

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As with anything in life, hard work and smart planning can turn your negative situation around. Making a commitment to drop the dead weight and negative people in your business matters.  Committing to a relentless focus on results will change the course of your life. You can either continue to fight for market share investing precious dollars from your limited cash flow in unproven advertising, or have a guaranteed no up front cost path to steady work. 

As your business agent, Shamrock earns a 25% sales commission but other than that there are no fees or costs and you pay no monthly fee to operate as one of their vendors. Tell Shamrock about your company below to begin the process of joining a seriously motivated business team who are ready to go in your market and well on their way to serving the maintenance needs of over 200,000 single family rental homes across the US. 



“Laudan Properties LLC contracted Shamrock Property Management full-time as a full-service preservation and Rehab vendor. He still remains a vital part of our network. For more than eight years I have worked with them on the content and delivery of our field results to showcase the measures taken to preserve foreclosed homes and protect against blight. The owner, Patrick Jacobs, is an intelligent and motivated individual. He is more than capable of managing a full service company and achieving desired results for investors and banks alike. As senior field official, he recruited and managed two entire states and multiple service networks within the mortgage field industry. With the help of this team, he produced high-quality results every month and never missed a deadline under his control. Shamrock Property Management is an asset to our company and the industry as a whole”. -February 10, 2017

Shamrock Properties has been completing work for my company and client for several years now. During these years, I have been able to work closely with them and have always been very happy with our experience and results. I have personally been familiar with Shamrock for about 5 years and they are always my go-to vendor when I have an order or issue in their coverage areas. I always feel confident that I will receive quick and timely results as well as quality work. If there are issues they are always willing to call it in and get it addressed immediately. They understand the importance of communication and what it takes to be successful. In a business that requires so much, I have come to find that Shamrock Properties has all the qualities that you need in a contractor. They always seem to put the client first and do anything they can to assist the client with whatever they need. I believe that Shamrock Properties would be a solid asset to any company. In this line of work, good contractors are hard to find so I feel it is important to recognize the good ones. -February 8, 2017

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