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“A mission statement is not something you write overnight... But fundamentally, your mission statement becomes your constitution, the solid expression of your vision and values. It becomes the criterion by which you measure everything else in your life.” Stephen Covey

Our corporate mission is to become the #1 provider of expeditiously deployed home service & projects in the state of Florida for a niche group of professionals who number in excess of 130,000.

To accomplish this, we are governed by the following core values. Any team member violating our values is provided with clarity on a percentage basis out of seven.

By fairly evaluating ANY violation, it then determines how we advise the offender, make the situation right for everyone, and continue in our mission with grace and empathy.

CORE VALUE #1: dependability

DEFINITION: consistent actions that define our commitment to protect what matters most.

OUR ACTIONS: perseverance; steadfastness; steadiness;

CORE VALUE #2: integrity

DEFINITION: by growing our culture of “NO TRY ONLY DO” we impact while staying intact with measurable processes & procedures.

OUR ACTIONS: honesty; principle; purity; sincerity; virtue; candor

CORE VALUE #3: resourcefulness

DEFINITION: we gain trust in every delegated responsibility by demonstrating a commitment to get more done within an allocated budget.

OUR ACTIONS: ingenuity; inventiveness; capability; cleverness

CORE VALUE #4: confidentiality

DEFINITION: our care in the most sensitive spaces ensures maximum confidentiality is fostered in an environment of trust.

OUR ACTIONS: covertness, concealment, private, silence, stealth

CORE VALUE #5: communication

DEFINITION: our commitment to client satisfaction begins with understanding preferred communication styles and giving our full attention when providing updates and information.

OUR ACTIONS: advisement, correspondence, translating, briefing

CORE VALUE #6: intelligence

DEFINITION: we differentiate ourselves from the competition by operating in the highest levels of business & emotional intelligence when caring for all things estate management.

OUR ACTIONS: acumen, disclosure, notification, talent, knowledge

CORE VALUE #7: only offer stable solutions

DEFINITION: by deploying proficient tactics in the attainment of client goals, we save our clients time & create peace of mind.

OUR ACTIONS: results, observation, suggestion, acknowledgement