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Click To Visit Gregg’s company & learn about h.s.p.b.

Click To Visit Gregg’s company & learn about h.s.p.b.

Through the years, Sarah & I have been very fortunate to work on many great projects for the owners of luxury properties in Nashville, TN and beyond. Whether a top selling country music artist’s man cave, an UHNW estate owner’s punch lists, or small projects, we have given our best to guarantee that expectations are met.

My approach as a former Estate Manager has always been to guarantee that every detail is thought about from property, to people, to service. Sarah & I built the Will Do ✅ brand to provide rapid deployment of on-demand home services keeping an UHNW owner’s life moving. It’s a great joy to us that Gregg Amaral of Home Sales Palm Beach shares our vision. Gregg has built a dynamic real estate business and we are honored to partner with Gregg in launching The Home Sales Palm Beach Home Manager. This platform is something that I personally built before leaving Nashville in 2018 knowing that the opportunity would present itself.

Thank you for investing the time in checking out our luxury home management offer in South Florida. Sarah & I are extremely grateful to be learning each day how important our mission is and exactly how we add the highest value to the great new relationships like Gregg that we’ve built since arriving in Delray Beach. Thanks for joining us and being a part of the journey!

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Chris Bridges, better known as Ludacris, has fought his way to the top of the entertainment industry via music & movies, and celebrates 20 years next year as an industry hit maker.  We’ve been close to the leadership on his team for the last two years and finally had the chance to connect with Chris during SunFest in West Palm Beach. High impact experience and a lot can be gained from Chris regarding engaging your target market.



Thinking a lot lately about how much I miss my Grandfather, the handiest man I ever knew. He lived his life bringing comfort and peace to the people he cared for. I vividly remember being in awe of watching him work as early as 8 years old and then feeling incredibly lucky to join him later in my teens as we’d tackle special projects together for UHNW owners of luxury Real Estate. There is no doubt that I’m a man who is passionate about being handy. That is the biggest reason why I built the Will Do brand.

We treasure being able to care for the smallest detail regardless of where you call home. Not every property that we care for falls into the vintage or luxury category and that’s exactly how we like it. By bringing the same standards of quality and craftsmanship to every home, we carry on the rich tradition that my Grandfather began in the 1940’s.

Thinking of adding something special to your existing or new home? We’ll bring our wisdom and concept creation from an extensive journey of travel. Have a to do list? We’ll expedite the work and guarantee a WOW result.

Extending our hand with an invitation to try our services in the South Florida area. We guarantee that you will be grateful that you did. Priced right, high quality, and tremendous value are what we offer. Same day service is often available by calling 561 270 7702. Thank you and wish you the best!




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1) Productivity: Consideration given to providing outstanding service with the mindset that no two homes are alike.

2) Simplicity: Consideration given to minimizing complexity.

3) Convenience: Consideration given to increasing the service value experienced by our physician clients 24/7, 365.

4) Risk Reduction: Consideration given to proactively mitigating risk to the financial, physical, emotional, and reputation aspects of the property & its owner. 

5) Public Impressions: Consideration given to align with the core values of the property owner. 

6) Environmental Friendliness: Consideration given to demonstrating that "green" matters. 



“Resourceful, Tremendous Work Ethic, Incredible Attention To Detail, & A Positive Attitude!”

Over the last 37 yrs. I have been a very successful investment banker, private equity professional and entrepreneur. I have run departments at firms like Salomon Brothers, Bankers Trust and SunTrust where I have had hundreds of “type A” individuals working for me.  Therefore, I feel I am a pretty good judge of people and have always been attracted to those who: are resourceful; have a tremendous work ethic; have a positive attitude and have incredible attention to detail. Luc Boivin possesses all those qualities and more. I have known him for approximately 20 years and wish him well in his endeavors.         

Mr. Roger T. Briggs; Investment Banker, Private Equity, Entrepreneur

“A Highly Creative Problem Solver!”

I am writing this recommendation for Luc Boivin after watching him for more than 15 years. During my public relations career, including my current position as spokesman for a Fortune 100 healthcare company, I have worked closely with a number of C-suite executives, and Luc shares many of the qualities I’ve observed in these leaders.  In short, Luc is a highly creative problem solver who is passionate about serving people and helping organizations achieve their goals. He brings a wealth of energy and a can-do attitude to every project entrusted to him.  What you’re getting with Luc is someone who is mission minded, and is wired to nurture people to their fullest potential. 

Mr. Ed Fishbough; Public Relations Expert